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Structural engineering company PLUSS was established in 2009. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in the design of building structures. Over our fourteen years of operation, we have designed approximately 420,000 m² of buildings and structures across Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Faroe Islands. We have a comprehensive range of experience in designing a variety of buildings, including residential buildings, commercial properties, industrial facilities, and public buildings. Our expertise covers all aspects of the structural design process, from the foundation to the roof.

We focus on two primary areas of expertise:
– design of timber element and modular buildings.
– design of reinforced concrete, masonry and steel frame buildings.


Structural DESIGN

Timber element and modular buildings.
Concrete, steel and masonry buildings.


Structural design optimization. 

Shop drawings

Concrete and steel elements.
Timber elements and modules.


Audits for existing structures.
Thermal bridge calculations.


Jüri Kliimask, Andres Läänesaar and Ülar Vihul founded PLUSS in 2009. Jüri specializes in designing timber structures, and Ülar and Andres focus on the design of concrete, steel and masonry structures. Currently there are 10 engineers working in the company, most of them have been with PLUSS for over a decade.

Jüri Kliimask

Diploma Civil Engineer in Buildings and Structures, EstQF Level 7

Ülar Vihul

Chartered Civil Engineer in Buildings and Structures, EstQF Level 8

Andres Läänesaar

Chartered Civil Engineer in Buildings and Structures, EstQF Level 8

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